Enterprise Research Campus Update #14 (Week of November 6, 2023)

As the Enterprise Research Campus (ERC) project continues, we will provide project notifications that outline upcoming and impactful activities, including a map of the area for reference.


    • Bulk excavation and concrete operations on site will continue.
      • Rebar work within the site foundation is ongoing.
    • Work will take place on Saturday, November 4th.
      • Crews will start at 7:00am doing excavation and concrete work.
      • All work will take place within the site.
      • Soil will be transported via intermodal trucks via the site haul road to Beacon Park Yard.
    • The first of two tower cranes has been erected and is operational. It is designed to move or “weathervane” in the wind.
    • The second tower crane is targeted to be erected November 25th & 26th.
      • A 5:00am start is needed both days for this operation.

Laboratory and Office Buildings

  • Bulk excavation and concrete operations on site will continue.
  • Rebar work is ongoing in preparation for the mat slab placement on Saturday, November 18th.
  • Waterproofing work continues on the site foundation.
  • Stone and structure work will take place inside the site foundation this Saturday, November 4th.


  • This section of the site is currently being used for laydown space.

Treehouse Conference Center

  • Site excavation has been paused while additional soil disposal logistics are coordinated.
    • Excavation on site will resume on Monday, November 6th.
  • Remobilization work will take place this Saturday, November 4th.

Building Mock-Ups

  • The site fence and scrim for the Residential/Hotel mockups has been installed.
    • Concrete slab has been placed with other construction activities beginning.