Enterprise Research Campus Update #6 (Week of September 11, 2023)

As the Enterprise Research Campus (ERC) project continues, we will provide project notifications that outline upcoming and impactful activities, including a map of the area for reference.

New signage directing construction vehicles off neighborhood streets has been installed on Windom and Seattle Streets at Cambridge Street.


  • Bulk excavation of the site continues.
  • Concrete operations have mobilized on site.
  • Crews are working to excavate a pad where the first of two tower cranes will be erected in October.

Laboratory and Office Buildings

  • Bulk excavation of the site continues.
  • Cross bracing is in place.
  • The truck wheel wash will be relocated on Saturday, September 9th.


  • This section of the site is currently being used for laydown space until crews mobilize in the coming months.

Treehouse Conference Center

  • The jersey barriers and fence line will be extended onto Western Ave by Milestone Dr.
    • This work will take place on Saturday September 9th.
  • Crews prepare to mobilize for construction.

Building Mock-Ups

  • Curtainwalls have been installed on the first two of five building mockups.