Enterprise Research Campus Update #2 (Week of August 14, 2023)

Tishman Speyer is excited to announce that we have started construction on Phase A of the Enterprise Research Campus (ERC). Phase A of the ERC will transform a historically underutilized and vacant site on Western Avenue into a vibrant mixed-use community. It will contain approximately 900,000 square feet of mixed-use development, including residential, office/lab, hotel, conference center, restaurant, and retail use spaces, as well as new open space. Our goal is to help enhance an already diverse community and establish a welcoming environment to all. The Tishman Speyer team thanks you and other members of the community for being great partners over the past two years, and we can’t wait to be your new neighbor.

As the Enterprise Research Campus (ERC) project continues, we will provide project notifications that outline upcoming and impactful activities, including a map of the area for reference.


Crews have mobilized on site, which included erection of site fences, delivery of equipment, installing utility monitoring points, and set-up of storm water and rodent control systems. Bulk excavation of the Residential/Hotel site has begun. The contractor field office trailers have been delivered and are being installed on site. Sheet pile driving has been completed.

Laboratory and Office Buildings

Crews have mobilized on site with fencing installed and all as described above taking place. The Laboratory site is currently in a transition period as they prepare to begin bulk excavation beginning the week of August 21st. Secant and sheet pile driving has been completed. Crews plan to work Saturday August 12th.


This section of the site is currently being used for laydown space until crews mobilize later this summer.

Treehouse Conference Center

This section of the site is currently being used for laydown space until crews mobilize later this summer.

Building Mock-Ups

Fencing and barriers have been installed in a section at the 2 Hague Street parking lot as construction has begun on the first two of five mock-ups, which assist in evaluating design and constructability. A concrete pad has been poured and steel beams are being erected for the mockups. The mock-ups will remain on site for the duration of the projects.